ASE Scholarship Programs

The Associated Steel Erectors and the ASE Industry Promotional Fund support two scholarship programs.

Educational Scholarships ($5,000 each)

  • For students at any accredited college or university – any field of study
  • A minimum of 4 scholarships @ $5,000 each will be awarded
  • Parent must work for a company that is a member of ASE or contributes to the ASE Industry Promotional Fund
  • Must be full time student who is not eligible for union-sponsored scholarship funds
  • Filing deadline March 14, 2022

Click below for more information on this program:

The Educational Scholarships may be renewed, depending on the annual budget. Complete the Renewal Application 2022 if you already hold an Educational Scholarship that you would like to renew.

ASE-AISC Engineering Scholarships & Fellowships (5 @ $5,000 each)

  • For any upper-class or graduate student studying civil or architectural engineering
  • Up to 5 awards @ $5,000 each
  • No affiliation with ASE or AISC required
  • Must be U.S. citizen and attending a university in Illinois or Indiana
  • Filing deadline May 1, 2021.

For details on Engineering Scholarships, please go to the AISC website or phone Maria Mnookin at 312-670-5418.

Previous Awards

Click here for a list of Scholarship Recipients since 2015: Scholarship History 2015 to 2020